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Structuring the Let's Play subculture
Posted by ZeVanillaBear: 19/04/2015 at 14:00pm
Structure for categorising and identifying Let's Play content

Structure for categorising and identifying Let's Play content

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There are numerous styles and types of Let's Play videos currently available with the possibility for new formats to be developed and popularised. To discuss and explore what people enjoy and dislike it was necessary to develop a theoretical structure for identifying and categorising video types and everything encompassed within to enable a universal 'language' for the subculture.

This structure was built to allow further development and growth when new ideas and concepts are brought forward so there may be some aspects missing from the defined sections.

3 sections:

Core Principal
(Video formats)

Full Let's Play
These are defined by minimal editing in post production (time skips primarily) as so the viewer can get the full experience as did the creator.

Short Let's Play
These are defined by the considerable amount of editing in post production and remove footage to only show content that the creator deems interesting.

These are defined by the contents primary purpose being to inform the viewer about the product (informational / factual).

(Key aspects of final video)

Video length
Duration of the video.

Inclusion of written or oral commentary.

Release frequency
Regular distribution period

Fourth wall break
Speaking directly to the audience

(Techniques used to bolster content)

Animated text
Animated text overlays

Informational graphics at the end of a video often self advertising the creators previous work

Graphical or oral introduction to a video (graphical often referred to as 'branding')

Image overlays
Picture overlays on footage to emphasize a point or for comedic effect.

Video footage of the creator to display reactions to the content during production and allow for visually direct speaking to the audience.

If there are any aspects missing from these sections please help development by telling us via our forum here.

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