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Study in to the Let's Play subculture
Posted by ZeVanillaBear: 01/04/2015 at Noon
An academic exploration of the Let's Play subculture

Let's Plays are a strange phenomena, something that you wouldn't think would be as successful as they are at first glance. The popularity of this subculture is immense with multiple Let's Players in YouTubes top 100, hundreds if not thousands of LP channels currently active and more being created each day.

How much do we know about the Let's Play subculture?
What makes a good video?
Can videos be categorised easily?
What is the best equipment to use for recording?
What is the most accurate definition of what constitutes as a Let's Play?

What we aim to do here is to study Let's Plays. All aspects of them and serve as a database of information for anybody interested in learning some more about what they want to.

As much as we would like to say "We looked into this, this information is correct, end of." that won't be true at all. This project is designed to be open to discussion and evolution as new information or ideas that prove more viable come forward. The Let's Play subculture is a mass of people creating and sharing and improving, this is no different.

Through observation, discussion, data gathering (surveys/polls etc) we will learn more about this medium than ever before.

To start the project off we have tackled 4 large topics already and here is the link to the survey results which are the basis for the results.

1 : Structure for categorising and identifying Let's Play content | Article

2: Demographics

3: What style of video people prefer to watch

4: What attributes and features are most popular

We will continually add to this list to keep it an updated index of all future articles.

Want to help further these ideas or voice your opinion? Head to our forums here.

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