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Explaining why we've been so slow lately...
Posted by swt_admin: 7th Oct 2017 at 08:00am

Don't worry, we're not giving up producing content for the site.

To start with, 40 Shades of K will continue even though we've missed a few article deadlines and still not released last months Battle Report. Unfortunately, the Charity Stream got in the way of that, as well as a few other real life stuff which has stopped us from completing the armies that should have been done. We'll be making up for the content slowdown by increasing the rate articles are released soon, so we can catch back up.

As for Youtube and video content, we've stepped back from Youtube and specific content for it firstly to allow us to concentrate on other things, but also partially as Youtube seems to be getting worse for content creators. However, we have been concentrating more on Twitch and Live content, which will be edited up and released to Youtube a while later. Currently we're working through the footage from the week long charity stream, which is quite a lot of video.

On top of that, we're still winding down from a week long Stream, which takes a bit of acclimatisation, a full set of work shifts, and housing issues, so the schedule has been a little full.

Finally though, we're also working on ways to improve and expand on content to the site, and I'm currently working on updating the site and making sweeping changes to it's look, functionality and architecture in order to allow us to include and use the new content sources we're planning.

So, all in all, the content has slowed quite a bit, but should hopefully be picking back up again soon.

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