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Video content scheduling change
Posted by ZeVanillaBear: 16th Feb 2015 at 10:00am
We will be changing the release schedule for the main channel in the coming week.

Hello everyone, Alex here.

We're coming up to the end of our Game Dev Tycoon LP series and Aliens: Colonial Marines is not far off either.

We pushed out both Let's Play series at the same time and in such a fast manner to create a solid bedrock of content on the channel and website for us to build upon and for people to explore. Now that the ground work has been laid we will start to slow down pure Let's Play series and start to release more activity based, challenges, and objective based content that takes longer to make but overall has higher quality.

That being said we'll be shifting from one LP video a day Mon-Fri to:

Mon, Wed - Main Let's Play series
Friday - Versus Video
Saturday - Highlights Video
Sunday - MMO Co-op series
One shot videos released whenever.

This schedule will change over time but this is what we'll be aiming to stick to for the foreseeable future.

Got any suggestions for videos you'd like to see or feedback on the site?
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