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The Tragic Failure of Star Wars Battlefront
Posted by G33kP0p: 02/04/2016 at 15:00pm


I remember last year I was one of many to be extremely excited about the release of Star Wars: Battlefront, a revised and rebooted look at the franchise which had been popular a decade ago and was one the defining games of my childhood.

However, I, like many others, have been disappointed by EA’s choices when developing Star Wars: Battlefront. It appears like the game is no longer the class-based shooter that was developed all those years ago, now, it seems more like Call Of Duty in space, well, to be honest, that’s the way Call Of Duty seems to be going.

Now, don’t get me wrong, unlike some people I enjoy the game, and I know a lot of my friends do too, but since it’s release, the number of players has been increasing, and the player count doesn’t correspond with the huge hype the game received before it’s November release.

But why all the disappointment? Well, today I’ll be looking at and evaluating the sad demise of the game that was meant to revitalise a long-gone franchise, but ending up leaving players asking “What happened?”

Reason 1: Lack Of Story/Singleplayer Mode Features – While the original games never really had a campaign mode, you could play gamemodes like Galactic Conquest or Historical campaign, allowing you to either control the galaxy in your own way or follow the Star Wars story. The new Star Wars: Battlefront has some singleplayer/local play capabilities, but they are limited to about 4 training missions, and battle/survival modes on about 5 different maps, compared to the original games having about 20+ maps. Some may say it is understandable because of the heavy focus on multiplayer nowadays, but it just fails to deliver, simply.

Reason 2: Little Content at Game’s Release – While a few updates have now added slightly more in terms of maps and battles, the game, as I said, still lacks all the content that the original game had. However, to be fair to EA, the game is already massive, in terms of the amount of file space it takes up, and the size of the maps in game, so it is definitely a challenge trying to deliver what the original games did. However, there are few things like weapons too, it’s possible to earn credits much quicker than XP, but eventually, you feel like there’s nothing left to unlock or spend.

Reason 3: Very Different to the Original Game – I think this really is the main reason for the sad failure. None of the original gamemodes are really in the game, except for the gamemode titled ‘Supremacy’ which resembles the ‘Instant Action’ gamemode of the previous games. Also, gone are the different classes, now the only differences between people are their guns, appearance and their equipment, which is all unlockable in multiplayer mode. There’s no more of trying to unlock the Special Classes like the Dark Trooper or Wookie, there’s no diversity on the battlefield.

Reason 4: The Multiplayer is a Bloodbath – I’ve been playing Star Wars: Battlefront since the start of 2016 and the one thing that I’ve noticed is that you’ve got to always be aware of what’s happening around you. While the maps are huge often there can be about 40 players in the same area focusing on the same objective, and anyone could come from anywhere, unless you’re prepared or extremely good at FPS games like that, you could be saying “hello” to the respawn button.

There are a few more reasons but I think that’s enough, the game, in my opinion is fun, but the fact that it’s so different to the original and more like Call Of Duty in space has been disappointing for me and other fans of the franchise. I still enjoy it, but many other’s aren’t feeling the same way.

Thanks for reading and for more from me (Joshtie: Games Writer) and the rest of Team G33k P0p head over here and until next time folks stay tuned to Simply Wasting Time!

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