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A few days after launch - The future
Posted by ZeVanillaBear: 4th Jan 2015 at 12:00pm
So SWT has launched and there isn't much around here yet. Well, that may be the case because it's the very beginning but let's talk about the future.

With only being 4 days old as of this post, we have currently got 2 videos out with the coming week releasing 6 videos as currently planned. For a "grand" opening for the website it doesn't really offer much variety and that would be my fault in the design process but I'll discuss that in a later blog entry, what I want to discuss here is the future and hope to get even just one person interested and (if I dare dream) excited about what we want to do here at SWT.
Fair warning, this is a wall of text but a lot of it is fairly interesting but should take no longer than 5 minutes to read.

So let's talk about what the site is at a core level.

Simply Wasting Time is a gaming community. That is the bottom line. We want to offer a place for people to meet and play games with new and familiar faces (or voices in the case of the internet), explore new games, interact with the community and have an impact in it as it grows.
This is important as a community is nothing without its' people.
With this groundwork we want to offer so many different aspects that will take this project from a simple gaming community like all the thousands out there to something unique and genuinely enjoyable to be a part of and you guys will be instrumental in that.
If we can describe what we want this to end up as in the very long run then we must say an amalgamation of the best parts of RoosterTeeth and The Yogscast with our own ideas mixed in. This will be an interesting ride to put it simply.


At current we are releasing what we call our bread and butter, Let's Plays. Those things that everyone is doing and vying for attention with. There's no fancy way of spinning what we're doing to distinguish it. We're doing Let's Plays. To build up a solid backbone of content whilst we develop different ideas and create our own concepts.
We have already got lined up:
- Game walkthroughs
- Game challenges
- RPG stories
- An indepth, lore filled universe to build any number of series or ideas from
And these are just a few things that we want to do by ourselves. We are always interested in letting other people join the staff if they have an idea or concept they want to create.


We are still working on a solid schedule but for the time being we are releasing 6 videos a week with extra videos to be released when they're finished.
1 main series (currently Game Dev Tycoon with Alex and Tavy)
1 secondary series (currently Aliens: Colonial Marines with Alex and Tavy)
1 Random game series (Currently Plague Inc. Evolved)
and a multiplayer game with whoever on the staff is available
This will span from Monday to Saturday at current but this will change over time as we get it to something that works for everyone involved.


Exactly as it sounds. We want to run weekly competitions for everyone to participate in. For glory, prizes and the spirit of competition with global (on our site of course) leaderboards and the glorious glory of having your name imprinted forever online for your achievements!
Multiple different competitions also. Just keep an eye out for all of this to kick off.


Regular livestreams will be happening from us coming soon. Some will be live recordings for the main channel, some will be general streaming, some will be community game nights and yet some may just be relaxing streams for staff to interact with everyone whilst playing their favourite games.
We may also try another initiative later down the line and open up affiliated streamers. All for the sole purpose of mutual advertising but hey! That's down the line and the concept would need developing first.


Now this is a big one for us. What is a gaming community site without gaming servers? Not much that is what!
Down the line we will be opening game servers for all of you lovely people to play on and socialise. They will also be used for tournaments and competitions.
The big thing here is, we will only open up servers that you guys WANT, not what we think you want. So every know and again we'll run a vote on the forums to see what you guys want and even get anyone interested in moderating them. For the community by the community.

So that was a wall of text and only just a small amount of what we are planning to achieve with this. Of course plans will change, things will be removed and added as needed but this will never grow and become something great without your input. So please, if any of this interests you slightly, stick around and get involved. We'd love to hear from you over on the forums.

Catch you next time, Ze out.

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