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Major news regarding SWT
Posted by ZeVanillaBear: 22nd Mar 2016 at 03:00am
Hello and welcome! First off, there are new faces part of SWT now in the form of: - Zeta Xeno (Video creator) - FullMana Gaming (Video creator) [Videos on site soon] Go and check out some of their stuff in the video archive!
As of yesterday if you haven't seen the video yet then here's a quick run down. The SWT on YouTube and Twitch are going to become dormant for the time being as I (Alex) and Tavy move to our main channel ZeVanillaBear. This is due to we are setting up the final major areas of the project and this is a necessary step. SimplyWastingTime was originally designed to be a hub for a group of friends that create digital content. The SWT channel will be used in the future when it gets to the stage that it's feasible for us to start making site / group news, updates, community news and events etc. In the process of this we will be moving all our videos from the SWT channel to the ZeVanillaBear channel as that is where they actually belong as not to add any bias to the hub channel. As we are still getting a lot sorted out and we are currently in the process of moving home we've made the decision to release the videos over time to give us the chance to get setup in our new lodgings and actually start making the content we really want to and to the quality of such as well. So for the next two weeks (starting the 25th March) we will be re-releasing our videos in order at a rate of 4 a day. We will then release things at a rate of 2 a day and when we have released the transferred videos we will go back to a new revamped release schedule which will be confirmed nearer the time.
So that's the large changes happening just now. The more you know!

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