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Let's Playing: The 'guitar' of video games entertainment
Posted by ZeVanillaBear: 23rd Oct 2015 at 06:00am

Starting a gaming channel on YouTube is the equivalent of someone trying to learn to play a guitar.


Let me work my way to the explanation of that statement.

There are tens of thousands of gaming channels and Let’s Players currently flooding the YouTube servers and clogging the search engine to the point that there is almost nothing that hasn’t been done at this point.

Oversaturation would be the correct term but there is still a steady influx of people continuing to enter the foray and try to make something of themselves. This has been said before many times, but the ultimate truth is:


The immense high majority of these channels suck


We have the usual motives behind these channels:

  • To get internet famous
  • Earn that sweet sweet google money
  • To entertain

All are just as valid as the others but what most people don’t understand is that patience, constant improvement, entertainment value and luck are needed to make this work.

Making videos about gaming is not as easy as it looks! Technical, content topic, target demographic, consistency, social media presence, advertising and general entertainment value are just a few areas you need to take into consideration to optimise your channel to grow. Even then it’s a very rare occasion that a small channel shoots into being a larger one with an active/solid community around it.


Patience, Practice, Persistence


Starting a gaming channel on YouTube is the equivalent of someone trying to learn to play a guitar.


You know the type of person, you know at least 1 or 2, that think learning to play guitar will make you a cooler person, “it’ll be easy, this’ll make me more attractive and hell, I’ll even join a band and get famous and rich!” they say as they start fantasising and mentally replacing Slash or Eric Clapton with themselves.


First you get started and put in a little effort to learn just enough to get you going. It’s all good! You can play a song! Not very well. But still! You’re doing the musics!

There may be a bit of improvement but then you start to realise that advancing further… that’s looking rather complicated. All those terms, the “unnecessary chords” (Who needs those if you have C G Em D & Am?! I can do power chords!).

You are at a basic level but you can scrape by, that’s enough, it works.

They may feel they’re good enough or just not care to improve but they stay there, at that level of skill, blagging your way into bands or recording solo “art”... bragging you can play guitar.




A good percentage of channels are able to produce a Let’s Play video to a feasible quality however they tend to leave it at the barely passable stage to focus on another area equally mistreated. Advertising is key for channel growth however only when done correctly and in tandem with consistent quality content. There are methods to boost growth circumventing the need for quality content but that is a topic that deserves a whole piece on its own.




There’s a reason why there are so many guitarists but only so few professional, respectable, famous guitarists.

They put in the time, effort and suffering and honed their skills into their passion.


Starting a gaming channel on YouTube is the equivalent of someone trying to learn to play a guitar.

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