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Starting at Midday GMT, we'll be running a non-stop Final Fantasy Stream broadcast simultaneously over Twitch and Youtube. Check out below for further details!
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Starting on Sunday 30th October until the Sunday 6th November, we will play, with only slight breaks to stop Twitch from melting, through four whole games to completion. This should take a week.

So we don't die, there will be three people playing in a relay.

We would also love you (unconditionally) if you help share the event and get people to come and watch and also share the event as well. The more awareness, the more we can potentially raise for these excellent charities.

And if you want to join in on Discord we will be using the ZeVanillaBear Discord chat to directly chat to people and run our auction. Join in On Discord
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Final Fantasy 7

Join some spiky haired guy on his journey towards becoming a terrorist, a vegetable and a deicide. Includes such joys as bird fucking, playing with guns on a rollercoaster, and cross-dressing while trying to ignore the literal end of the world.

Final Fantasy 8

The adventures of Angsty McMumbles and his team of psychotics. Marvel as one guy punches things to death, a sniper has gun anxiety, and a woman literally shoots dogs at people.

Final Fantasy 9

No idea. Something to do with a monkeyman and some guy in a hat with neon eyes.

Final Fantasy 10

I think this is the one with the laughing.
Heading banner for Guests
Featuring celebrities!

We're not saying one of the guests isn't a famous youtuber who likes pies that make 'pew' noises, because that would be accurate.

Periodically throughout the event we'll be joined by some friends and guests who'll come in and join in whilst also participating in various challenges. These can vary and most likely will incorporate some form of punishment/risk element.

Here's a list of a guests already confirmed:
  • Blaster BrewMaster
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There are many charities that we want to help but we had to narrow it down to just a few so the two charities that all proceeds will go to are:

Cancer Research UK
Donate directly

Donate directly
Heading banner for the Auction
To get you guys involved for those that may be interested we're building some replicas of some of the more recognisable weapons from the franchise which we will live auction off to those watching.
Here are some of the props at current:
  • Buster Sword
  • Cid Spear
  • Gun Blade
  • Barrats Arm Cannon
  • Mana Potions + stand

All proceeds going to the charities and P&P will come out of the bid.